Education and Events

Our mission is to provide training and support to enable researchers to utilize MSU's high-performance computing resources for research. 

Picture of Yongjun Choi teaching a workshop

The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research conducts workshops on a variety of topics relevant to research computing. Our mission is to:

  • Enable researchers across domains to utilize MSU’s high performance computing resources efficiently
  • Support researchers to build their computational skills and understanding of how parallel paradigms can support their research goals
  • Foster exchange of ideas within the research computing community

We provide some limited support for using HPCC in courses. For information about creating education-sponsored accounts or requesting classroom training view our HPCC Classroom Support Policy. To request ICER training courses, please fill out this contact form.

Past workshops include introductory and advanced seminars on workflows, data management, big data and data visualization tools, and parallel computing. Workshops are led by ICER staff, MSU faculty, software vendors and remote presenters. To see upcoming events and resources available visit: