iCER connects with a wide range of researchers and HPC professionals through our Buy-In Program, our Research Affiliations and our Training Affiliations.  

ICER's Buy-In Program enables institutions of higher education and government agencies to utilize MSU's advanced computational resources.

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Training Affiliations provide expanded opportunities for MSU students, faculty and staff to gain the skills they need to leverage the power of cutting-edge computational resources. 

    Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering logoVSCSE Summer School gives graduate students, postdoctoral students and professionals from academia, government and industry the skills they need to leverage the power of advanced computational resources.


    Campus Champions logoCampus Champions supports campus representatives as the local source of knowledge about HPC opportunities and resources, empowering campus researchers, educators, and students to advance scientific discovery.


    Software Carpentry logoSince 1998, Software Carpentry has taught computing skills to researchers in science, engineering, medicine, and related disciplines.



    Research Affiliations allow ICER to advocate for advanced computing resources that accelerate scientific discovery and generate unique opportunities for MSU faculty and students.

    Institute for Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, and Macrosystems LogoThe Institute for Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, and Macrosystems (IBEEM) is a center at Michigan State University (MSU) designed to bring together scientists studying biodiversity at multiple scales with the goal of increasing visibility and productivity of scientists conducting this important research.


    CASC logoCoalition for Academic Scientific Computation is dedicated to advocating the use of advanced computing technology to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness, global security, and economic success, as well as develop a diverse and well-prepared 21st century workforce.


    Committee on Institutional Cooperation logoCommittee on Institutional Cooperation is a consortium of Midwest research institutions dedicated to generating unique opportunities for students and faculty and serving the common good by sharing expertise, leveraging campus resources, and collaborating on innovative programs.


    Great Lakes Consortium logoGreat Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation facilitates the widespread and effective use of petascale computing, through the development of new computing software, applications, and technologies.


    Internet 2 logoInternet2 is a community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies. Together, they accelerate research discovery, advance national and global education, and improve the delivery of public services.


    Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) LogoExtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is an advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services utilizing a single, virtual system that scientists use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise.