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Last Updated: August 6, 2020 - 10:02am

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After the maintenance, there is an issue with one of our license servers. Most licensed software may fail when started. We are still working with the vendors to resolve this issue.

The HPCC will be unavailable on August 4th, 2020 to do regularly scheduled software, hardware, and network maintenance and to prepare for the new cluster installation. During the maintenance window, interactive access via SSH and OpenOnDemand will be disabled, remote home directory access (via Globus and Windows File Sharing) will be blocked, and no jobs that would overlap the maintenance window will be started until after it completes. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Update 1 AM 08-04: All services are currently unavailable; initial software updates have been staged and the network equipment is being updated.

Update 3 AM 08-04: The core network upgrades are complete.

Update 10 AM 08-04: Scheduler updates are complete. Compute node updates are underway. Windows file sharing access to the home directory servers are available.

Update 4 PM 08-04: Compute node updates are nearly complete, we anticipate a return to service by 5 PM today. There is an issue with one of our license servers; some licensed software may fail when started. We are working with the vendors to update the configuration.

Update 6:30 PM 08-04: Interactive access has been resumed. Late in the process we experienced a component failure on the 2016 cluster that has delayed our return to scheduling. We have restored some of the licenses on the failed server and are working with vendors to move the rest to a new license server.

Update 8:00 PM 08-04: The scheduler has been resumed and we have returned to full service.  We're finishing up a few outstanding issues; if you have any issues please contact us.

Scheduled Downtimes

There are no scheduled downtimes.