MSU Science Festival: Supercomputing in 360 Degrees!

Check out ICER's virtual booth at the MSU Science Festival! While supplies last, pick up a pair of free ICER VR glasses during Science in the Gardens. You can explore the content below anytime, and be sure to check out the live virtual presentation that includes a Q&A with a supercomputing expert. 

Supercomputing in 360 Degrees: Explore the Nuts and Bolts! 
Monday, April 11,
 6:45 - 7:15 pm
Via Zoom webinar - Register here

MSU's supercomputer can perform four quadrillion math operations in a single second. One human working every second of every day would take over 128 million years to do the same! This massive speedup is critical for computational researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to conduct their work. The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) provides support and compute services for this cyberinfrastructure. Join ICER in exploring the supercomputing center in a virtual 360-degree tour that walks you through the critical hardware components, the impressive cooling system, the process of running applications, and more. Do not miss the accompanying introductory video led by Eniac, ICER's animated computer node!

Start here to learn more about supercomputing:
For best performance on mobile, watch on YouTube

Get your VR glasses for this 360-degree video tour of the data center! Open the video on your phone and tap the  icon to enter 360 mode. No VR glasses? You can still get the 360-degree experience by watching the video on the YouTube app on your phone or by clicking and dragging your mouse over the video on your desktop. 

For best performance on mobile, watch on YouTube