Many MSU research projects depend on using resources provided by HPCC, or from proposals that iCER staff have contributed to. We list here a sample of abstracts from funded research projects that utilize MSU HPCC computational resources, and/or that MSU iCER staff have contributed to writing these proposals. Some of these projects are expanded up on the Research Highlights section.

Advanced Modeling of Electroenergetic Devices

Primary Investigators: J. P. Verboncoeur and A. J. Christlieb
Funding Agency: AFOSR
Funding Amount: $1.05M

Electro-energetic radiation sources from the microwave to terahertz frequencies comprise one of the core technological advantages of the US warfighter, with applications ranging from... more

Fault Tolerant Paradigms

Primary Investigators: Benjamin Ong, Andrew Christlieb and Yang Wang
Funding Agency: AFOSR
Funding Amount: $677,129

Modern high performance computers offer hundreds of thousands of processors that can be leveraged, in parallel, to compute numerical solutions to time dependent Partial Differential Equations (... more