Modeling Tools for Plasmas in the Strongly-Coupled State

Primary Investigators: A.J. Christlieb
Funding Agency: AFOSR - Phase One STTR with TechX
Funding Amount: $100, 000 – MSU part $40,000

The goal of this work is to validate Treecode's as the right tool for simulating ultra cold plasmas. Strongly coupled plasmas are well out side of the scope of traditional plasma simulation tools. In these systems, the potential energy is higher than the kinetic energy. Examples include dusty plasmas, flash ionized condensates and warm dense matter, to name a few.

Through a partnership with TechX corporation, the team will validate the fast summation method for ultra cold plasmas and then move into a development phase, were novel MCC methods will be combined with the Treecode to model recombination and ionization in strongly coupled plasmas. If phase one is successful, the team will seek a phase two proposal, under which a massively parallel treecode will be constructed.