Numerical Simulations of Two-Phase Turbulent Combustion in Spray Burners

TitleNumerical Simulations of Two-Phase Turbulent Combustion in Spray Burners
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2007
AuthorsLi, Z, Yaldizli, M, Jaberi, FA
Conference NameASME Conference Proceedings, Computers and Information in Engineering Conference
Date Published09/2007
Conference LocationLas Vegas, Nevada
ISBN Number0-7918-4803-5

The complex interactions among turbulence, combustion and spray in liquid-fuel burners are modeled and simulated via a new two-phase Lagrangian-Eulerian-Lagrangian large eddy simulation (LES) methodology. In this methodology, the spray is modeled with a Lagrangian mathematical/computational method which allows two-way mass, momentum and energy coupling between phases. The subgrid gas-liquid combustion is based on the two-phase filtered mass density function (FMDF) that has several advantages over “conventional” two-phase combustion models. The LES/FMDF is employed in conjunction with non-equilibrium reaction and droplet models. Simulations of turbulent combustion in a spray-controlled double-swirl burner are conducted via LES/FMDF. The generated results are used for better understanding of spray combustion in realistic turbulent flow configurations. The effects of spray angle, mass loading ratio, fuel type, droplet size distribution, wall and inflow/outflow conditions on the flow and combustion are investigated. The LES/FMDF predictions are shown to be consistent with the experimental results.