Dr. Mahmoud Parvizi

Dr. Mahmoud Parvizi

Research Consultant, MSU Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research
Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building
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Bio: Dr. Mahmoud Parvizi is a Research Consultant in the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER). Before joining ICER in 2020, Dr. Parvizi earned his Ph.D. in physics from Vanderbilt University in 2019, where he used non-equilibrium quantum field theory in curved spacetime to explore mathematical models of early universe cosmology. While at Vanderbilt Dr. Parvizi also participated in a data-intensive astronomy project for the time-series photometric analysis of Kepler Space Telescope data. After receiving his Ph.D., he pursued post-doctoral training in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University and was selected as an ICER Cloud Computing Fellow (2019-2020). Dr. Parvizi previously served in the U.S. Army after he earned an MBA from the University of Michigan - Flint in 2001. At present, in addition to supporting MSU students, staff, and faculty he continues to support cloud computing for academic research as a co-facilitator of the ICER Cloud Computing Fellowship. He is also engaged in a long-term collaboration with Dr. Claudio Kopper in the Department of Physics and Astronomy to aid in the development of the Scalable Cyber-Infrastructure to support Multi-Messenger Astrophysics project.

Research and technical skills:

  • Programming languages: Python, some C++, Fortran
  • Scikit-learn, SQLite, MatLab, Mathematica, Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Machine learning for automated time-series photometric analysis
  • Scientific expertise in high-energy theory and mathematical physics e.g., non-equilibrium quantum field theory and open quantum systems, quantum field theory in curved/non-stationary spacetime and Einstein-Klein-Gordon systems, and algebraic quantum field theory

Selected publications:

  1. Mahmoud Parvizi, “Finite time and density effects on interacting quantum fields in cosmological spacetimes”, 2019, Dissertation, [etd.library.vanderbilt: parvizi.pdf]
  2. Eric Morganson, Paul J. Green, Mahmoud Parvizi, et al., “The Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey: Variable Object Selection and Anticipated Results”, 2015, ApJ 806, 244, [arXiv:1505.00760]
  3. Kyle E. Conroy, Andrej Prsa, Mahmoud Parvizi, et al., ”Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. V. Identification of 31 Candidate Eclipsing Binaries in the K2 Engineering Dataset”, 2014, PASP 126, 944, [arXiv:1407.3780]
  4. Mahmoud Parvizi, Martin Paegert, and Keivan G. Stassun ”The EB Factory Project II. Validation with the Kepler Field in Preparation for K2 and TESS”, 2014, AJ 148, 125, [arXiv:1409.3237]