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Carl Fields Tackles the Largest Questions of Our Universe

Left photo credit: Adele Han, Right photo credit: Neulyn Moss The illustrious arc of Dr. Carl Fields’ time in graduate school at Michigan State University recently concluded as he began his postdoctoral research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He continues working to answer some of the largest...

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Portrait of Brian O'Shea

Letter From the Director: Survey Results Inform Future Directions

Dear colleagues, I'm writing to you regarding the survey that ICER recently administered to our allocation PIs and users, as well as to potential users of research computing. I would like to express my thanks to the 462 people who took the time to complete the survey. It is clear that ICER's...

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Tracking the Progress of Your Submitted Ticket

Each ticket submitted to ICER has a corresponding webpage that hosts all the correspondence between ICER staff and the user who filed the ticket. Along with the emails written back and forth, a web view can greatly enhance readability and, more importantly, help you keep track of the progress of...

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User-Friendly HPCC Access with OnDemand

ICER would like to remind users and prospective users about the Open OnDemand resource. OnDemand is an open-source software that uses graphical interfaces to provide easy web access to HPCC resources. ICER users can avoid the command line with this user-friendly option. The features of the web...

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2021 Cloud Fellowship Graphic

Introducing the 2021 MSU Cloud Computing Fellows

MSU’s Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) and the ITS Analytics and Data Solutions (ADS) group are proud to announce the next cohort of MSU Cloud Computing Fellows! Congratulations to: Ann Alex, Ph.D. / Institute for Quantitative Health Science & EngineeringGiovan Cholico, Ph.D. /...

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Stay Up to Date with HPCC System Status

Staying up to date with HPCC system status helps users ensure a smooth workflow and determine the cause of issues that can arise during maintenance.  What does the system downtime mean to HPCC users? From ICER’s most recent downtime on August 17th, 2021:  All interactive access will be disabled (...

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ICER Support for Computationally-Focused Workshops

ICER is happy to support computationally-focused workshops in a variety of ways. Workshop organizers can request ICER assistance with the following: Have an ICER Research Consultant (RC) meet with the workshop organizers to discuss options to make the workshop as user-friendly as possible from a...

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Checklist to Improve Your Job’s Scheduling Time

Here is a checklist to help improve your job’s scheduling time: 1. Run command “sq <NetID>” or “squeue -u <NetID>” to show the jobs in the queue. If a job is Pending, the last column will show the reason provided by SLURM. Here are common reasons with their meaning: a. Priority: Job...

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Cloud Fellowship Graphic

MSU Cloud Computing Fellowship - Application Deadline Friday, July 30, 2021

Dear colleagues, MSU’s Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research and MSU IT Services are accepting applications from MSU doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to join the third cohort of MSU Cloud Computing Fellows.  We particularly encourage applicants from areas that do not typically use...

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Cloud Computing Fellowship Culminates in Impressive Symposium

What do movie trailers, rib fractures, and mummified corn have in common? Admittedly, not a lot. One similarity is that these topics, and many more, were explored by the MSU 2020 Cloud Computing Fellowship cohort. These researchers come from excitingly diverse academic backgrounds including...

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Using Rclone to Manage Files on Cloud Storage

Rclone is a command line program that manages files on cloud storage, and it is installed on HPCC. Some HPCC users manage files on their cloud storage with rclone as an alternative to the cloud provider’s web storage interface. It can perform operations on files and directories such as sync, copy,...

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Portrait of Brian O'Shea

Letter From the Director: Support for Instructors

Dear Colleagues, Now that the spring semester is over and you have submitted your grades, I am writing to let you know about some FREE tools and services that the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) provides for MSU instructors who are interested in increasing the amount of computation or...

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