An Even Easier Way to Write and Run Code on the HPCC With Browser-Based VS Code

ICER has introduced a new application available through OnDemand called "Code Server," an implementation of Visual Studio Code run directly from your browser. Users can edit files, run code, access terminals, and use any features of VS Code natively on the HPCC without needing to set up any new...

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Easier Way to Launch Interactive Jobs on the HPCC

We have a new, easier way to launch interactive jobs on the HPCC! The "interact" script wraps around "salloc" to provide sensible defaults for interactive jobs of 1 core on 1 node for 1 hour. You can request a specific time with the "-t" option, e.g. "interact -t 4:00:00" for 4 hours. It also has...

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Blue lines connecting to line drawings of cloud with text that says "2023 MSU Cloud Computing Fellows"

2023 Cloud Computing Fellows Embark on Journey of Innovation

The 2023 Cloud Computing Fellowship cohort at Michigan State University has embarked on a journey to push the boundaries of traditional high-performance computing. As a joint effort between the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) and the IT Services Research Cyberinfrastructure (RCI) group...

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Undergrads Experience Computational Research in Summer Program

The Advanced Computational Research Experience for Students (ACRES) program is a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It is coordinated by Michigan State University’s Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE) and...

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Using VS Code to Connect to the HPCC

If you're a Visual Studio Code user (or want to be one), check out these tips! Did you know you can use VS Code to connect to the HPCC? You can edit files, access terminals, and run commands on the HPCC directly from VS Code. To get started, follow these instructions on our documentation. Are you...

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Image of rainforest with green plants framed by brown tree trunks

ICER’s Supercomputer and Super Staff Contribute to XPRIZE Competition

Sponsors of the XPRIZE Rainforest competition put $10 million in prize money on the line for whoever can develop novel technologies to rapidly and comprehensively survey rainforest biodiversity and use that data to improve our understanding of complex rainforest ecosystems. A group of experts from...

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Install Software on the HPCC With EasyBuild

Do you need software that isn't installed on the HPCC? Maybe a newer version of something your work relies on? Or something that your whole research group could benefit from? Don't be afraid to install it yourself! We have just added documentation for EasyBuild, a program that can build and install...

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Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Smart Homes

Internet of Things (IoT) devices provide users with great convenience in smart homes, which are houses equipped with automatic lighting, temperature control, entertainment features, and other new technologies. However, the interdependent behaviors across devices may yield unexpected interactions,...

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Culmination of the 2022 Cloud Computing Fellowship

The Michigan State University Cloud Computing Fellowship has completed another exciting and engaging year that highlighted the significance of using computational methods among many fields of research. The Cloud Computing Fellowship introduces its cohorts to new opportunities to further their...

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ICER Research Consultants Teach CMSE 890 Courses

ICER Research Consultants are teaching the following sections of CMSE 890 in the Fall 2023 semester. High-Performance Computing with Python CMSE 890-401Instructor: Dr. Claire KopenhaferPython already supports a wide range of packages that can assist in your research. Now, learn a variety of...

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Cords and colorful lights with the text "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR"

A Day in the Life of a System Administrator

Click to watch A Day in the Life of a System Administrator and see inside MSU's supercomputer.  True or false: system administrators are introverts who love caffeine and Szechuan food. “Not actually that far off,” said Kelly Climer, a system administrator for the Institute for Cyber-Enabled...

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4th Annual Cloud Computing Fellows Symposium

MSU’s Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) and the ITS Analytics and Data Solutions (ADS) are delighted to invite you to this year’s MSU Cloud Computing Fellows 4th Annual Symposium.  The MSU Cloud Computing Fellowship allows researchers to gain hands-on experience in cloud computing while...

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