Yih-Kuang Lu

Portrait of Yih-Kuang Lu

Yih-Kuang Lu

Job / Position:  Bioinformatics Consultant
Email:  luyihkua@msu.edu

Dr. Yih-Kuang Lu received a PhD in Plant Biology from the University of California at Davis, and later a Professional Science master’s degree in the Computational Biosciences from Arizona State University. After his graduation, he has served as the post-graduate scholar on the study of the circadian rhythm regulated by cryptochrome; the research manager on the genome assembly of phototrophic bacteria living in various extreme environments funded by NSF; the biomed computational data analyst on conducting processing, managing, and analyzing the patient-oriented omics data which are collected from hospitals throughout multiple research collaborations. He is an experienced bioinformatics analyst with 10+ years of experience in research. He possesses extensive knowledge of computational biology methods and has acquired multiple certificates in statistics and related analytics. He joined ICER in July of 2023 to provide campus-wide bioinformatics services to all researchers.