Claire Kopenhafer

Portrait of Claire Kopenhafer

Claire Kopenhafer

Job / Position:  Research Consultant

Michigan State University, Ph.D. (astrophysics, computational science) and BS (physics)

Claire joined ICER after receiving her Ph.D. from Michigan State University, where she was a graduate student in both Physics and Astronomy and Computational Math, Science, and Engineering. She is also an alumni of the US Department of Energy’s Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.

Claire’s research interests lie in studying how galaxies evolve over the history of the universe. Her expertise is in running large simulations, data analysis and visualization, and uncertainty quantification. As an instructor at the Blue Waters Petascale Institute, she focused on teaching Python for scientific computing.

As a Research Consultant at ICER, she will support users both from backgrounds with a long history of computing as well as users looking to accelerate their research with high-performance computing.