Dirk Colbry

Dirk Colbry Portrait

Dirk Colbry

Job / Position:  Director of User Support
Email:  colbrydi@msu.edu

ICER welcomes Dr. Dirk Colbry back to the team as the Director of User Support. From 2009 until 2015, Dirk worked at ICER as a computational consultant and Director of the HPCC. Since 2015 Dirk has worked in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE), where he collaborates with scientists from multiple disciplines including Engineering, Toxicology, Plant and Soil Sciences, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, and Biology. His recent projects include research in Image Phenomics; developing a commercially-viable, large-scale, cloud-based image pathology tool; and helping develop methods for measuring the carbon stored inside of soil. Dirk has taught a range of courses, including; communication "soft" skills, introduction to computational modeling, microprocessors, artificial intelligence, scientific image analysis, compilers, exascale programming, and courses in programming and algorithm analysis.  

As ICER grows, Dirk will help coordinate and focus user support of large-scale computation to accelerate research and knowledge discovery on campus.