Using Rclone to Manage Files on Cloud Storage

Rclone is a command line program that manages files on cloud storage, and it is installed on HPCC. Some HPCC users manage files on their cloud storage with rclone as an alternative to the cloud provider’s web storage interface. It can perform operations on files and directories such as sync, copy, move, and delete. 

Recently, we received questions from users regarding the usage of “rclone”. Based on the questions and answers, we updated the wiki page: Rclone - rsync for cloud storage. We welcome the comments and suggestions from our users. 

There are three new updates:

  1. A note on running “rclone config” to configure the cloud storage
  2. A note on the use of “rclone copy” 
  3. A note on the difference between “rclone copy” and “rclone copyto”

Xiaoge Wang
Research Consultant