Using Multi-threaded workers in MATLAB

By default, workers in the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox run in -singleCompThread on the HPCC cluster. Consequently, MATLAB built-in functions which use multi-threads implicitly within worker sessions are not able to take advantage of multiple cores on the HPCC system. 

iCER Research Consultants have created the module MATLAB-MT which allows users to run MATLAB built-in functions with multi-threaded workers. This module is the same as the MATLAB module except that the wrapper function for the workers in MATLAB Distribute Compute Server (MDCS) has been modified to request users to specify the number of threads workers will use at some point in the program. Using this module may speed up the worker computation.

MATLAB users interested in running multi-threaded workers, should take a few minutes to review the updated wiki page and send us feedback. If you have any questions, please contact us at

For more details on running in parallel with MATLAB, register for the PC2HPC: Parallel Computing with MATLAB seminar.