User-Friendly HPCC Access with OnDemand

ICER would like to remind users and prospective users about the Open OnDemand resource. OnDemand is an open-source software that uses graphical interfaces to provide easy web access to HPCC resources. ICER users can avoid the command line with this user-friendly option. The features of the web portal include:

  • Easy file management
  • Job submission, management, and monitoring across different nodes and resource managers
  • Graphical desktop environments and desktop applications (such as Matlab, Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, and more)
  • Command-line shell access
  • One-click app icons to launch your favorite GUI applications (See Application Icons on Desktop)
  • And more!

Learn more about OnDemand, including step-by-step tutorials, screenshots, and videos, by visiting our Open OnDemand wiki page.