Software Installation

ICER currently has over 900 different software installed and available to users on the HPCC. Counting the different versions of each software, there are more than 5,000 versions of system-wide software installations on HPCC system, and that number is increasing monthly. Each month we receive requests from HPCC users for new software installation. Not all requested software can be installed system-wide. Some requests may be recommended for installation in users' home or research group space instead.  

If you are thinking of requesting the system-wide installation of a piece of software, we strongly recommend you check the following factors when submitting a request for software installation: 

(1) How popular is the software? If it is not a popular software, are there other users on HPCC who would also be using it? If you are the only one using it, we would recommend it be installed in your home directory. 

(2) What type of license agreement does the software have? Some software licenses may restrict use even when they are free. Examples include software with export control, specific end-user agreement, etc. When software licenses restrict use, we typically recommend the user directly make an agreement with the software provider to obtain and install it in their home directory. If it will be used by a group of people, HPCC system administrators can help with setting up the group access in compliance with the license agreement. 

(3) Is the software well maintained and up-to-date? If the software you wish to install is legacy software or is not being well maintained, chances are its installation will require an older version of its dependencies as well. The effort to install this software may then be greater than the effort required to find an up-to-date software with the same, similar, or even better functionality. It may be time to consider transitioning to using a newer software.  

ICER’s Research Consulting Team is happy to help HPCC users resolve their software installation issues, no matter where the software is installed, either system-wide or in your private home or research directory. 

Xiaoge Wang
Research Consultant