Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training @ MSU

TUESDAY, November 22nd — This past October a group of seven MSU staff and graduate students joined a virtual cohort, which included attendees from the University of Oklahoma and University of North Texas, to participate in Software and Data Carpentry’s Instructor Training Course. Attendees at MSU hailed from political science, history and genetics departments.

The 2-day workshop was lead by Dr. Greg Wilson and Reyna Harris – from UT Austin - and focused on science of learning.  Participants explored strategies for assessing learners needs through diagnostic questioning, designed lessons & objectives using concept maps and backward lesson design and explored examples designed to mediate cognitive load and task completion. Attendees practiced the art of teaching through live coding and interactive teaching.

Overall, the MSU group learned a lot and had fun. Many planned to complete the three steps to become an official Software and Data Carpentry instructor.