New AMD22 Cluster CPU Nodes Ready for Use

The new 'AMD22' CPU cluster nodes are ready for use ahead of schedule! The CPU nodes are currently available, and we anticipate the GPU nodes will be available by the end of the calendar year.

The cluster has a total of 80 nodes with a theoretical performance of over one quadrillion double-precision floating point operations per second (+1 Petaflop), 10,240 CPU cores, and 57 TB of RAM. There are 72 CPU nodes with 128 cores and 512GB to 2TB of RAM per node and 8 GPU nodes with 512 GB of RAM, 128 cores, and four A100 80GB SXM2 GPUs.

The nodes are connected with a high-speed 100 gigabit network. This cluster contains buy-in and non-buy-in nodes. If you have any questions, please reach out to ICER via our contact page.