MSU Cloud Computing Fellows

MSU’s Institute of Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) and the ITS Analytics and Data Solutions (ADS) group are proud to announce the first cohort of MSU Cloud Computing Fellows! 

The MSU Cloud Computing Fellowship is a research opportunity that includes participation in a series of workshops that center on the aspects of cloud-based computing that pertain to researchers. Cloud Computing Fellows will also receive hands-on support for optimizing their research application for cloud computing. The program will culminate in a symposium, taking place in April 2020, where Fellows will present the results of their experiments. We are delighted to share with you the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers that we have selected to participate in this fellowship.

Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Mohamed Abouhawwash (Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering),

  • Donald Akanga (Geography & Spatial Sciences), 

  • Julie Butler (Physics & Astronomy), 

  • Yingying Chen (Advertising and Public Relations), 

  • Rachel Domagalski (Mathematics), 

  • Harrison Fernandez (Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering), 

  • Beth Gerstner (Fisheries & Wildlife), 

  • Mimi Gong (Fisheries & Wildlife), 

  • Dr. Jared Homola (Fisheries & Wildlife), 

  • Jing Kong (College of Business), 

  • Caleb Lucas (Political Science),

  • Dr. Chris Mancuso (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), 

  • Viviana Oritzlondono (Field Crop Pathology), 

  • Dr. Mahmoud Parvizi (Computational Genomics),

  • Dr. Ruijuan Tan (Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology),

  • Dr. Rachel Toczydlowski (Integrative Biology),

  • Dr. Tong Zhou (Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering)


You can learn more about the Cloud Computing Fellows here.