Mothur Workshop a Success

Mothur Workshop on Illumina amplicon analysis

We conducted a workshop on amplicon analysis for Illumina data using mothur.  Thirty researchers were in attendance from several departments including Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Comparative Medicine & Integrative Biology, Food Science & Human Nutrition, College of Veterinary Medicine, Plant, Soil & Microbial Sciences and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences as well as Central Michigan University.  Instructors Kevin Theis and Tracy Teal worked through the mothur MiSeq workflow and demonstrated how to run analyses and store data on the HPCC.  The workshop was intended for anyone new to amplicon analysis or those who wanted to more efficiently analyze MiSeq data.

By the end of the workshop researchers were prepared to run analyses on their own data and to utilize HPCC resources, with generally positive feedback.

"Overall, I give the workshop an A+. It was 100% worth my time to attend."

"I learned so much! One thing I learned is that iCER and the HPCC rock!"

Researchers agreed that the workshop format was effective, and more workshops are planned.  For more information on future workshop in bioinformatics and on utilizing HPCC resources visit our events page