iCER Welcomes School Groups at the 2015 MSU Science Festival

Year after year, the MSU Science Festival proves to be one of the most exciting outreach events that iCER takes part in. Providing a place for hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussions centered around the topic of computation allows these young minds to explore, experience new things, and leave feeling inspired.

2015 marked the third year of the MSU Science Festival, which offers a combination of entertainment and educational events on a wide variety of topics over a five-day period, all at no cost. In 2014, more than 20,000 visitors attended the Science Festival. 

This year iCER had the pleasure of hosting nearly 100 students between the four schools that were scheduled to attend our tour site. Our goal is to offer an exciting and educational experience for each participant through five stations of fun activities.

During the event, attendees were taken on a tour through the High Performance Computing Center's machine room to see the supercomputers that we house here on campus. Outside in the hallway, students were engaged in various activities including a unique game to learn about binary code, an animated short film, viewing an open computer node, and deconstructing hard drives to explore what is inside.

A new addition to our site this year was the ability to view highly magnified images of various parts of a supercomputer in 3D. The Center for Advanced Microscopy was kind enough to work with iCER to create these intriguing images, giving viewers a completely new perspective on integrated circuits and CPU's.

The excitement and curiosity these students express when learning about computing is invaluable. Experiences like these could potentially be the ones that influence what a child decides to do with their future and to be a part of that is an incredible thing.

You can learn more about the MSU Science Festival by visiting