ICER Support for Computationally-Focused Workshops

ICER is happy to support computationally-focused workshops in a variety of ways. Workshop organizers can request ICER assistance with the following:

  • Have an ICER Research Consultant (RC) meet with the workshop organizers to discuss options to make the workshop as user-friendly as possible from a computational standpoint. For example, implementing user-friendly options such as OnDemand and Globus.

  • Have RCs present one or more of our existing ICER workshops at the new workshop to help people get up and running. For example, Intro to HPCC or Intro to OnDemand could be helpful starting points. 

  • Create a reservation for computational nodes (including nodes with a lot of memory or GPUs) for the duration of the workshop to speed up turnaround. 

  • Stage datasets in a shared directory on the ICER file system (read-protected or not) so that participants don’t have to copy data onto the machine.

  • Install software ahead of time and set it up in a shared directory and/or as a module so participants can get easy access to it.

  • Create temporary guest accounts for non-MSU participants.

To request assistance, one of the workshop organizers can file a help ticket at least one month before the workshop. For student- or postdoc-run workshops, the supervising faculty member should make the request on their behalf.