Applications Open for ACRES 2018

Advanced Computational Research Experience for Students (ACRES) is a 10-week paid summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in computational and data science. Students participating in the program are exposed to the development and enhancement of algorithms, models, and software for applications in research areas that require high-performance computing resources. Summer 2018 research projects include:

  • Computational Modeling of the Ailing Heart, Dr. Jason Bazil
  • Refining the Seismic Structure of the LA Basin using ambient noise adjoint tomography method, Dr. Min Chen
  • Streamlining Supernova Simulations, Dr. Sean Couch
  • Simulating the Effect of a Novel Kinase Inhibitor, Dr. Alex Dickson
  • Multi-scale Modeling of Cardiac Fluid-Structure-Growth, Dr. Tony Gao
  • Machine Learning for Quantum Computing, Drs. Matthew Hirn and Yue Qi
  • Developing Machine Learning approaches to Infer Context-Specific Networks of Genes, Drs. Arjun Krishnan and Jianrong Wang
  • Effective Potentials for Simulating Non-Equilibrium Quantum Many-Body Systems, Dr. Michael Murillo
  • Implementing¬†Dynamic Network Algorithms in a Highly Parallel Architecture, Dr. Mark Reimers
  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Smoothed Boundary Method, Dr. Hui-Chia Yu

For more information and to apply, visit: Applications close February 16, 2018.