2018 Cluster Buy-In

Michigan State University’s HPC will be buying new cluster nodes and a new storage system in 2018. We have received feedback from a previous RFI and will be submitting an RFP before the end of 2017. We hope to reduce the responses we get from the RFP to a small number of vendors
and run benchmarks on their solutions.

We are looking for interested research groups who want to buy-in to the 2018 cluster. Though we cannot provide full details of what we are buying at this point, we do have some general information about what is likely to be available. We have posted information on the buy-in to the iCER web page. We ask that, if you are interested, to please contact us through our Administrative Director Kelly Osborn (kosborn@msu.edu). We would like to know potential interest so we can gauge our purchase accordingly.

This is not a commitment, just a general “we’re interested”. We will contact you after the RFP benchmarks have completed with more detailed information.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Bill Punch, at punch@msu.edu


Bill Punch,
Associate Director, iCER